Moringa Seed Oil


This exotic oil is cold pressed from the seed of the moringa trees, it is an excellent carrier oil and it is used for rejuvenation of both hair and skin

Moringa Seed oil is renowned and revered to both ancient Egyptians and Romans alike for its amazing properties. Its oleic chemical structure resembles that of olive oil but this oil is very rich in potent minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are carried deep past the epidermis into the lower dermis layer of the skin to perform its anti-aging and restorative feats.


125 ml of 100% Moringa Seed oil



Hair and Skin



100% Pure cold pressed Moringa Oleifera seed oil, unrefined, unbleached, unscented and filleted from impurities

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  • High content of antioxidants for rejuvenating effect on skin
  • Rich in vitamin C, which promotes collagen stability and aid the restoration of skin
  • Rich on Cytokinins, a phyto-hormone that extends the lifespan on skin cells and aids cellular growth.
  • Excellent agent for management and reduction of dark spot and acne, as it promotes even permutations of skin
  • A potent moisturizing quality
  • Anti Inflammatory effects for acute skin issues
  • Nutrient building properties for hair.

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Moringa Seed Oil

125 ml of 100% Moringa Seed oil


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