MoriBucha Mixed Berry – Moringa Kombucha


Our Kombucha is packed with many vital micro nutrients provided by the moringa and the green tea. Kombucha is formed by a colony of bacteria and yeast that causes a very mild fermentation reaction once combined with the sugar. This results in a naturally carbonated Kombucha. This beverage contains in itself a healthy vinegar similar to apple sour vinegar, b-complex vitamins, enzymes and probiotic. Once the acetic, gluconic and lactic acids in the drink enter the gut they act as an alkalizing agent.

500 ml glass bottle

From 1 shot a day for it’s probiotic properties to 250 mls-500ml per day for the full spectrum of benefits.

Fingered water, Green tea, Moringa Tea, Raw Kombucha culture.
Fresh Mix berry cordial, cane sugar ( To feed the live culture).

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  • May Help Boost Metabolism
  • May Aid Constipation
  • May Reduce Inflammation
  • May Help Strengthen the Immune System
  • May Aid Depression Treatment
  • May Boost Cardiovascular Health
  • May Play a Role in Lowering Blood Sugar
  • May Help Maintain Healthy Weight
  • May Play a Role in Helping Prevent Cancer

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MoriBucha Mixed Berry

500 ml MoriBucha Mixed Berry


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