Fulvic Acid Powder


Fulvic Acid is derived from plants which assimilate it from the Humic Acids in soil. Fulvic acid acts as a vehicle in the
transportation of nutrients, such as minerals and trace elements, directly into our cells. This powerful electrolyte not only
energises cells, but also removes toxins and inflammations and balances the acidity or basicity (PH) of our bodies as well
as the hormones in our endocrine systems.

1 teaspoon per day diluted into 2L of purified water

Pure plant derived Fulvic Acid

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  • Increases energy in the body
  • Enhances nutrient absorption into cells
  • Strong detoxifier of toxins and heavy metals
  • Improves overall Immune function
  • Stimulate good gut bacteria colonization by acting as an excellent food source
  • Improves metabolism of proteins, DNA and RNA
Keep out of reach of children. May interact (increase) with absorption rate of some medications. May react negatively with chlorine/chloride/fluoride in tap water.

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Fulvic Acid Powder

250g Fulvic Acid Powder


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