Herbal Wisdom Immune support
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Herbal Wisdom Immune support

Herbal Wisdom ( Immune Support ) comprises powerful Ayurvedic herbs boosted with a heroic dose of Moringa water soluble 4:1 extract. This is a potent synergistic blend of immune adaptogens. Herbal Wisdom is a formulation that aims to restore the body’s natural defence mechanism by providing a wide range of therapeutic botanicals in a synergetic aquis extract that results in a product that has a wide range of uses. This product is a tonic and can be used also as a prophylactic (preventative) health supplement on daily bases to ensure that you remain in optimum shape.

Product Features:

Immune system-related complications

Unstable blood sugar levels

Irregular high blood pressure

Latent sexual productivity and low libido

High fever

Joint aches

Product Features:


Respiratory complications

Variety of skin irritations

Sore throat

Irregular blow movements

Loss of appetite